What is a cool roof?

A cool roof is a light colored, reflective, waterproofing membrane that is able to deflect the heat and UV rays from the sun away from the building. This process will help prevent accelerated deterioration of the membrane reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into the building’s interior. Cool roofs have the ability to outperform other conventional roofing systems. In addition, they also help reduce the cooling costs of the building they are installed on. To find out more about energy efficient cool roofs, contact us today and request a roof assessment for your building.

How much will a new roof cost?

Bay Quality Roofing has the ideal roofing system to meet your specific needs. We can work within your budget and create a customized roofing solution designed to meet the specific needs of your building. We never sacrifice quality for the sake of expense. We will always ensure that you are receiving the highest quality roofing material available. To obtain an estimate, contact us today! We are ready to get started on your complimentary building survey

How can I extend the life of my existing roof?

Extending the life of your new roof can be done by following an annual maintenance program. Bay Quality Roofing’s Service and Maintenance Division can recommend and outline the necessary steps that should be taken to maximize the life of your roof. Contact us today to have one of our Bay Quality Roofing Service Technicians recommend a maintenance routine for your roof.

Are repairs an option for my roof?

Yes, repairs are always an option for your roof. One of our trained technicians will assess your existing roof and determine which areas of the roof require attention. They will look for areas that are showing the most obvious signs of problems and create a plan to ensure that they are properly repaired. Contact us today for a complimentary roof assessment and repair estimate

What are the benefits of having a roof installed by Bay Quality Roofing?

The benefits of having a roof installed by Bay Quality Roofing are evident the first time that you meet your representative. Our well-educated staff will assess your existing roof, determine which solutions will be best for your roof, and offer their expert opinion on which type of roof will be best for a replacement. Each estimate that we create will contain a customized roofing proposal which will meet the specific needs of your roof, the building, and your budget. Quality installation, matched with exceptional customer service is why over 60% of our business is from repeat customers.