CeramaFlex® Fluid Applied

CeramaFlex® is a highly flexible, single component, high build water based material excellent for waterproofing a variety of surfaces. Creating a monolithic membrane, CeramaFlex® will bridge existing cracks and irregularities in a roofing surface. This energy efficient roof coating meets and exceeds all national “cool roof” standards and specifications.

CeramaFlex® is a fluid applied elastomeric roofing material that is ideal for use on flat or low pitch roofs; including BUR, concrete, EPDM, PVC, TPO, cap sheet, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam, metal, and SPF. CeramaFlex® is a cool roof coating system that is designed to reflect the sun’s heat away from the surface of the roof. This helps to reduce temperatures by 50 – 100 degrees. Installing CeramaFlex® helps to reduce the heat transfer that occurs in the building, thereby, lowering energy costs. This is accomplished by lowering the temperature in attics and ducts located throughout the building, which results in a more comfortable interior temperature.

CeramaFlex® is durable proving excellent in resistance to the elements and UV degradation. Its fabric reinforced seams and penetrations extend the life of the roof and has superior mold and mildew resistance. CeramaFlex® is environmentally friendly as it is water based with low VOC. It is lead, asbestos and mercury free. Its elongation and tensile strength eclipse traditional water based systems.

Infrared Case Study – CeramaFlex®

Monterey Gourmet Foods of Salinas, California is responsible for producing more than 120 different types of gourmet food products for nationwide and international distribution. Their Salinas production facility presented numerous roofing challenges: A metal roof, Skylights, Exhaust fans, and HVAC equipment. During the winter, leaks were a major problem, and in the summer, the excessive heat gain posed another problem.

After Bay Quality Roofing installed a CeramaFlex® system, Monterey Gourmet Foods enjoys a leak-free roof for the first-time since they began operations. They are not only saving a great deal on energy costs, they also received a 10-year warranty for their new roof.

Aerial Thermographic photography shows a substantial decrease in temperature on the fluid applied treated area in blue.
BEFORE: Leaky, poorly insulated, failing roof of Monterey Gourmet Foods in Salinas, CA
AFTER: Fluid applied roofing membrane was applied to the roof area on the left


We are proud to be the only roofing company in California to offer CeramaFlex®.

To find out more about how CeramaFlex® can benefit your business, contact us today! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the material and the installation process.