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The Marc – Palo Alto

Bay Quality RoofingThe Marc – Palo Alto

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The Marc located in the heart of Palo Alto, California is a nine story building that was built  after WWII. There are no walls on this building and the gutter system was undersized and failing after the building had three existing roofs removed. Bay Quality Roofing installed a Vac-U-Roof manufactured by Burke industries with a 30 year NDL warranty. The concrete roof deck has post tension cables running through it. This created a unique situation that the roof deck could not be penetrated without the parapet walls safety. The Gutters were replaced with industrial grade products and coated with Ceramaflex to keep them from rusting, The Burke Vac-u-roof was installed using negative pressure to keep the roof intact. When wind blows over the roof the Turbine system on the roof top turns, creating vacuum and sucking the roof down, the harder the wind blows the greater the adhesion of the roof to roof deck.

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