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Commercial Roofing Services

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Carlisle Roofing - Single-Ply

Thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, is one of the fastest options available in the roofing industry.  This particular type of roofing material is produced by Carlisle, who is the leading supplier of this specific type of roofing material.  Carlisle’s white and tan colored Sure-Weld® TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR® rated and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) – certified. The TPO membranes that Carlisle produces have been directly attributed to a noticeable reduction in the amount of energy used by that building, and in the costs associated with cooling a building.

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CeramaFlex® Fluid Applied

CeramaFlex® is a fluid applied elastomeric roofing material that is ideal for use on flat or low pitch roofs; including BUR, concrete, EPDM, PVC, TPO, cap sheet, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam, metal, and SPF.  CeramaFlex® is a cool roof coating system that is designed to reflect the sun’s heat away from the surface of the roof.  This helps to reduce temperatures by 50 – 100 degrees. Installing CeramaFlex® helps to reduce the heat transfer that occurs in the building, thereby, lowering energy costs.

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Cool Roof

Cool Roof is a very versatile roofing material.  It can be installed over existing roofs, thereby eliminating excess roofing materials from being deposited in a landfill.  It is also very durable.  The waterproof elastic membranes are highly resistant to wear and decay. The durability of this roofing material increases the life of the roof, while saving money and resources.  It is safe and non-toxic.  Because of it is highly reflective, it bounces off UV rays which can provide owners a huge amount of energy savings.

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Roof Maintenance & Repair

Roof maintenance and repair is an effective way to protect your investment.  It has been shown that a clean, well-maintained roof will effectively reflect more of the sun’s harmful rays and extend the life of your roof.  By implementing a regular maintenance program, you will be able to capture the return on your original investment.  Bay Quality Roofing can help you protect your investment by deciding which of our programs will fit your needs and your budget.

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When you choose to invest in solar power, it is very important that your solar panels are installed on a roof that will last the duration of your solar investment.  The typical payback for a solar project is 20 years, which means that your roof should last that long as well.  Our roofing products meet and exceed that amount of time.  We have many different solar options available for you to choose from, according to your specific location.

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Daylighting can reduce the need for electrical lighting by up to 80% during the daylight hours.  The use of skylights will not only help you save on energy bills, but it will also provide a higher level of productivity in the workplace.

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No matter how well-designed and sturdily built your commercial building may be; if it lacks the proper level of waterproofing, it won’t last long – at least without requiring extensive repairs along the way.  Not only does excess water cause organic materials to deteriorate, it also serves as a breeding ground for toxic mold.  Toxic mold can result in serious health problems for those who occupy the building.

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Warranties & Quality Service

Extending the life of your existing or new roof can be done by performing an annual maintenance routine.  Bay Quality Construction’s Service and Maintenance division can recommend and outline the necessary steps that should be followed to extend the life of your roof.

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